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隠れ温泉宿 朱泉閣の魅力

Speaking of Kinosaki Onsen over again seven outside hot water "Sotoyu-meguri" is popular. Yanagisou is very convenient to the outside hot water tour because it is located in the center of the spa town! What is a 1-minute walk to the nearest Yanagi-yu! When you arrived at the inn and dressed in yukata, please enjoy Sotoyu-maguri and emotional plenty of spa town in place of wear to geta.

◎Digital out of hot water tickets feature-packed "YumePa"
In Kinosaki Onsen We have been using the new ticket "YumePa" from November 2010. Is because we offer a bar code out of hot water tickets to each room in the willow show, offers a number of times out of hot water from the check-in until 10:00 of the check-out date. In addition, customers with a mobile wallet do the registration of external hot water tickets at the main building front. And it is convenient to put out hot water by simply holding the mobile phone.


Even a good idea to say that outside hot spring Tour birthplace. Far from the old days Kinosaki of people drawing room of the inn, I was entertained by the whole town the people who visited in the hallway the way hot spring cure. This spirit is alive unchanged even now.
Once attached to the inn Chakugae in yukata, please feel free to go out and ring the Geta.

7 public hot spring bath houses of common information
Efficacy:Neuralgia, muscle pain, bruises, chronic, digestive disease, hemorrhoids disease-fatigue other.
Spring quality:Sodium, calcium - chloride and high-Onsen

We will introduce the 7 public hot spring bath houses.


Cave bath, family hot water, there is a jet bath.
Mid-Edo period, when the hot springs medicine's Taka-rashimeru the name than that was recommended as "Umi-nai first fountain". Pass prayer, it is also a hot spring of traffic safety of prayer.
★Open hours:7:00~23:00
(Every Wednesday off)


やなぎ荘本30 seconds walk from the hotel. There jet bath. Chinese scenic spot, hot spring from under a tree of willow that were transplanted from the West Lake is I was named from the fact that was gushing. Close to the bestowed child, easy delivery, Kishibojin is enshrined is a child of the guardian deity. Child bestowed, is a hot water of prayer Anshan.
★Open hours:15:00~23:00
(Every Thursday off)


Family hot water, and beaten to hot water, there is a jet bath. Jizo is I is named by exiting from Sengen.
Family safety, it is also a hot spring of prayer Mizuko memorial service.
★Open hours:7:00~23:00
(Every Friday off)


Outlook open-air bath, there is various saunas. Japan's hot spring station building overlooking the Maruyama. Harmony with nature views seen from the observatory bath is also a space heal the mind and body. Various saunas, Baibura bus, whirlpool, etc., is a new attractive outside hot water. It is also a hot water of prayer natural regression.
★Open hours:13:00~21:00(Every Monday off)


Fire facedown disaster prevention, it is also a prayer hot water of good match fulfillment. The newly opened in the old kinosaki office site of Shisho shrine next to 2005. Indoor bathroom in the cypress bath and rock bath, was on the glass bath is assembled the local produce logs "Tenkuu bath".
★Open hours:7:00~23:00(The first and third Thursday off)


There are open-air bath tub. Founder MichiSatoshi thousand days seep was the Kinosaki Onsen birthplace of the hot water is said in prayer saint of Onsenji. It had been worshiped worshiped as holy place since ancient times. Mandala Inari Daimyojin located within the premises is a God of Tano Kami-food that the messenger of God the fox, it is good business, even in the hot water of the prayer of bumper crops.
★Open hours:15:00~23:00(Every Wednesday off)


Garden open-air bath. The oldest of the hot water bird legend of Hung two birds couple stork is said to have healed the wounds of the foot remains. Hot water shrine of Hung in the site is originally Yakushi has been enshrined "Enmanji" ruins, it is a couple amicably, even in the hot water of the prayer of perpetual youth and longevity.
★Open hours:7:00~23:00
(Every Tuesday off)

Now! Let's pay-out immediately to Kinosaki spa town When you arrive at the hotel!
From check-in to check-out ... we'll show how to spend in easily Kinosaki Onsen!



Born and raised in '40 the hotel Wakadanna in Kinosaki you is will introduce shops Choices.