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隠れ温泉宿 朱泉閣の魅力

The building Degozaimashi divided into three buildings, there is Yanagisou main building, annex "Huashan" and new annex "Tsuruki". Location requirements Well Well that's it, but the building is a very old wooden floor and 3 two-storey, room, etc. do not have changed little from the original establishment (By the way willow Zhuang main building is the establishment of the 1945's).
In addition, not I rich enough I say exactly the poor even doing Room facilities, There is in I mentioned clearly "Boroyado". However, about 50 percent will receive coming year in the repeater of our customers, that the hotel are kept supported by this customer how Thankfully, I was able to come up here somehow being raised.


Yanagisou main building

Yanagisou main building of the building has not changed much from the room even 1945's in a very old wooden three-story. As it came to the countryside grandma house to "hot" relaxation we offer. Facilities are old, but you can enjoy the willow Zhuang specialty in that amount reasonable.
Yanagisou main building is ordered and minute that does not have a toilet in the room, reasonable pricing. "I want to eat something delicious anyway cheaply to your stomachful!" That is perfect for our customers.
※The main building of the toilet has been renewed in the fall of 2008! All has become a clean toilet with a bidet.
Main bath of Yanagisou are all becoming bath sink over 100% natural hot spring. The building is old, and We have been popular for those who stick to the hot springs. Pouring of hot spring water has is different!
※Bathing of the main building has become a separate male and female shared bathroom. It is available the annex of private baths also those looking for lodging in the main building.

Annex Kazan

Annex Huashan is 10 meters to the north of willow Zhuang main building. The rooms are quiet and soothing flavor of Japanese style, we offer rooms in accordance with from 6 to 16 tatami mat customer number of people. Since the body of all rooms PlayStation is becoming equipped, you can use your free to free of charge. (With soft paid rental).
Annex Kazan rooms becoming with all rooms toilet. Toilets are all also to your female guests and children because it is equipped with Washlet I recommends.
All the hotel's annex Huashan and the new annex Tsuruki the bath, each with two becoming private baths. Please use over a key from the middle when private bath that is vacant because it is unnecessary reservation. Because it is the bath that was originally used as a public bath, your whole family put together! Private bath is of course free.

New wing Tsuruki

New building Tsuruki is 20 meters to the east from willow Zhuang main building. All rooms has become a spacious Sukiya-style building is attached between the bus, toilet, refrain. And because it is the most spacious made in three buildings of willow Zhuang, those who stick to the room is brand here!
New building private bath sink over natural hot springs 100 percent to Tsuruki there are times two. Please be slowly available over a key from the middle when here also reservations that are vacant because it is unnecessary. Private bath is of course free.

  Yanagisou No toilet Japanese-style room (6 tatami mats to 24 tatami mats) 8 room  
  Annex Kazan Japanese-style room with toilet (6 tatami mats to 16 tatami mats) part Washlet 10 room  
  New wing Tsuruki Bus, Washlet, Japanese-style room (10 tatami mats to 12 tatami mats) 6 room  
  • There are all rooms televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioning
  • Meal place(We changed for your request often.)
      ・Dinner / Dinner from Yanagiso is in a big open room, Kazan & Tsuruki is in its room.
      ・Breakfast / Dinner from Yanagiso is in a big open room, Kazan & Tsuruki is in its room.

It is flowed over a 100% natural hot spring. Natural circulation.
Yanagisou Bathroom, each one place a man-woman on the first floor.
To annex Huashan, private family bath (mixed bathing) There are two places.
The new annex Tsuruki, there private family bath (mixed bathing) two places.
Private baths is free.
※When you enter the private family bath, please locked in the bathroom.

Available time / 15:00~23:30 (Next day / 5:30~9:30)
In room   ・Hand towel one ・Bath towel one ・One yukata ・Toothbrush Set 1 set
In bath   ・Soap bar ・Body Soap ・Shampoo rinse ・Dryer

・Banquet hall (70 tatami mats)
・Coffee bar
・Drinking water vending machine
・Tobacco vending machines

Or more, It is located within the building of Yanagisou main building.

■Parking Lot
There are four places. (Basically free. However, contract parking [Marubeni petroleum Ito motor pool] one place only after check-out [the next morning 10 o'clock or later] and will be charged.)
■Credit card
For now, we are not dealing with.
■Service & Leisure
・Massage(There is a charge.)
・Golf, tennis, paragliding, will arrange such as fishing boat.
・Mahjong (There is a charge.)
・Karaoke (at banquet hall: There is a charge.)
・Go, Shogi (Free)