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隠れ温泉宿 朱泉閣の魅力

We are cooking while imagining the daily Guest happy to woven will face.
Not good food, if you have such as your hate thing, please tell us without refrain. Especially in such as food allergies, if you have things that are not served you, please let always tell us. As much as possible I will do my best to be able to answer all the needs of the food. However, because there is that you can not cope with even if we will let us know the day, please tell us as much as possible in advance.
Customers in the "delicious!" And gladly will you of is there a our purpose in life. So, I received visiting the hotel, not please enjoy stomachful you.


Wrapped in raw crab whole piece a special salt I was baked.

By wrapping the raw figure crab with a special tail salt, there a gem baked carefully carefully over a period of about one hour in oven. Japan Hiroshi, Ie the Domo Une world Hiroshi and, you will not be able to taste only the hotel only. This will be declared!!
Also, speaking of baked crab in the hotel, this has received good response from customers about say "Kanikamakura", we have more than 90% of the customers of the repeater of crab season is our guest mercenary this.


Here we will introduce the most popular of the "Large pot plan with Kanikamakura".


This is the hotel's specialty baked crab that may and without saying. Please eat and pay attention to a thickness Atsu Hokuhoku so as not to burn.Really you will indulge in feeling that "~'ll ate the crab!". It becomes one with up to 5 people depending on the size.

Kani Koura-mushi

Cedar SEIRO packs a body of crab fermented soybean paste, egg and crab and a trefoil in a shell of red snow crab, and steams right in front of the customer. If egg will be about soft-boiled, please squeeze added Citrus sudachi lightly and eat just as it is by a spoon. It's very hot, so please eat so as not to get burned.


This plan will offer sashimi of snow crab (1/4 cup) and seasonal fish sashimi (3 types) in platter.
Crab meat might sweetness such as sashimi of shrimp that was raw to eat and thickens. Fuselage sections of the crab you can eat beautiful if you could sipping so as suck it with the soy sauce. Since the sashimi of seasonal fish boasts of the hotel, See also served so as not to forget.
In addition, at per person ¥ 3,150 widening (12/25 6,300 jpy increase during the ~ 1/8), I can grade up changes to the sashimi of pine needle crab go crab sashimi. (Supported only when all change hope). Sashimi of Naughty pine needle crab open like a soak in ice water and crab meat is Spiraea flowers, texture becomes angrily. Here there a good value product, so I would like to ask that you please try by all means.

Whole one animal to or boiled

Kanimiso is I will put one cup tail per person a figure crabs boiled that contains plenty. Because here there a menu on the vinegared, cold in the (which was cold), please enjoy it with a crab vinegar.I say many times, but the crab is better to eat vulgar is absolutely delicious!

Kani Tenpura

Although crab tempura also I have generalized, actually first that was the crab tempura in Kinosaki Onsen I'm a hotel? (This does not have is uncertain, because the landlady has fully say it's so, please doing sure you have the kind of thing.) The hotel's crab tempura will be served at your salt of green tea flavor. I do to have a piping hot as much as possible because, not please enjoy among always hot.


Now it has become enough popular ones say that the crab Sukinabe Speaking of crab dishes. By the way, the hotel of your soup is what was easily the kelp, white soy sauce, bonito base.
How to eat, if you have nearly boiling is put out, first, we will put the body parts of the crab. Then, after you turn on the hard vegetables as fire, it will be cooked a little with a lid. Where the vegetables half fire has passed, it will put the foot and nails minute only of crab to eat by opening the lid, it will further Thailand. Depending on the favorite, but the legs and claws of crabs that were placed later will be completed in 2-3 minutes from getting red. Please eat the body parts of the first to put the crab to sip at the end.
Next, please try the same way as the first to put just a little Kanimiso to your soup. It becomes a little rich flavor by Kanimiso. Narimashitara less middle your soup, please tell us the "Hey soup" to the attendant. After, rice cakes and characteristics thick udon please enjoy do not forget!
By the way, the amount of crab crab like a large pot of this plan, it will be per person 1 cup (one animal) minutes, please enjoy heartily.

Kani Zousui

Once we finish eating all the pot, it is finally crab porridge.
We will look at the acceleration of the remaining tail soup, please plus soup and follow it when it was a little dark. And it will put the rest of Kanimiso shell each whole. Wait you out for a while boils, remove the previous shell.
Then we will put in your broth rice. Since rice is quite blistering, amount to put it I think a little of it is sure. Wait until it is boiling with a lid. Keep stirring well by dividing the egg out of this waiting time. Please put the condiments of egg and your choice boils. After turning off the stove fire, and then the lid.
And we will wait for 1 minute and 30 seconds and egg is the completion of the Kanimiso delicious crab porridge soaked plenty of much soft-boiled.