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隠れ温泉宿 朱泉閣の魅力

The hotel is located in the center of the spa town, it is a small and tail inn convenient, family-run to Kinosaki Onsen specialty "outside hot water Tour".
countryside "homely service", such as when it came to Grandma's house, you are engaged in your inn in the policy of keep up with your selfish as well as possible. By the way, the hotel's concierge, the "aunt", "Momma" in the countryside around the the Kinosaki is there in most cases.



The hotel's selling point, first "cooking". Especially my husband himself went to auction city, fishing port, Seri market, distinctive dishes using seafood such that stock directly from the production area, you have gotten very popular both quality and quantity.

Homely service

Next time you are engaged in your inn in the "homely service" policy of keep up with your selfish even as much as possible, such as when it came to Grandma's house in the countryside. By the way, the hotel's concierge, the "aunt", "Momma" in the countryside around the the Kinosaki is there in most cases.


And finally there is "momentum" as your inn. Thus, although there is a going to have will strive every day trying to cover with a soft surface does not lead part in the hardware side, without going quite well, I think that there is a thing to apologize for the inconvenience something to customers but, please do not try because it is pretty even only once in the generous you feel.


Anyway boasts cuisine.

What are the most fun to come to travel? Various opinions by customers I think that split, but the hotel is we believe that your meal it.
Therefore, in the hotel, rather than have them delivered from the fishmonger's and greengrocer's, directly to see the goods in this eye, it is busy trying to seek mon daily delicious in order to get served a good thing even a little to the customer . Especially fish was discerning in Demui until Seri City of direct fishing port, so we offer, we can recommend with confidence.
Because what I am buying to middlemen who in those and the fruit and vegetable Seri City to purchase even vegetables directly from the farmers there almost, here you also can recommend with confidence.
Much trouble, and because of you come to Kinosaki Onsen, because I want to offer our customers with those delicious little.

There is no fully equipped.

The hotel is not a gorgeous luxurious inn with modern fully equipped, there is a poor and rustic Oyado of very old wooden building. I think of whether there be a something inconvenience tail think in the accommodation, but kindly you look forward your understanding, thank you. So we will service full eye at that minute dishes, I think that I wish I can use it to gourmet journey.

Located in the center of the spa town, it is convenient to the outside hot water tour.

The hotel is located in the center of the spa town. Kinosaki hot springs, Otani river (Daiya River) flows to the center, that on both sides of the river spa town is formed, Street of willow tree-lined river, south there are more widely car traffic of road width willow street, road width has been referred to as the north and calm as the one that is lined with narrow outside hot water. The hotel a single road to the mountain side than the north and calm street in the place where it enters the back .. is.
If you would like simple, you hit just behind the outside hot water "Yanagiyu". The distance on foot up to each outside hot water, about 30 seconds until Yanagiyu, about 2 minutes until Ichinoyu, about 3 minutes until Jizo hot water, about 8 minutes until the hot water of the station building Onsen Sato, of the Imperial Palace about 7 minutes until hot, about 8 minutes until Mandala hot water, because until the hot water of Hongda is subject is about 15 minutes, the Kinosaki Onsen specialty "outside hot water Tour" it has become a very convenient location.
In addition, because there is a hot spring full of emotion streets to say what the charm of Kinosaki Onsen, I think whether it's you are walking you to serve as the outside hot water tour it is also all right.

The hotel's bath are all pouring. Private bath is free!

The three buildings of willow Zhuang There is indoor bath of one by two each. Among them, "willow Zhuang main building" the gender of the indoor bath, bath there at two positions of the annex Huashan and the new wing Tsuruki are available as private baths.
Private baths is not required of the reservation, please enter over the key from the medium when it is empty. It is very popular with our customers towards couples and children.
Because it is poured over all the hall of the bath, hot water has is different!

Customers welcome for families with children!

Willow Zhuang is the inn of your welcome with children.
1. You can please slowly meal without worrying about since morning and evening room diet.
2. Please moments of family all by oneself free of private baths!
3. Mitsuru Children under 2 years old free! Mom peace of mind (without food and bedding)!
4. The building is old, please without the minute care!
5. Kinosaki Onsen is a fun spa town of town to walk. To making memories of children!
Willow Shaw aims to friendly inn to Families with children than ever in the future! If you have that "Do not good if there is such a service for the children", please let us know in such rooms in the questionnaire!

Fashionable pattern "Color yukata" We will pay the loan!

Specialties We will be lending the required item "fashionable pattern color yukata" to enjoy the "outside hot water Tour". About 80 different for women, since stocks about 20 different for men, by all means, we ask that you please use. Per your charge sheets each one, we will offer usually at 578 yen homepage reservation special service price at the price 1,155 yen. Give the other customers and the difference, yet this "fashionable pattern color yukata" If you attract attention in the spa town not only there! ! !

Three kinds of flavor of different your room We will be available.

Willow Shaw each "willow Zhuang main building", "annex Huashan", is divided into "new annex Tsuruki" three buildings, the distance is there in line at approximately 20 m intervals.

Although there a specification of the room,
Yanagisou:Bus without toilet (joint) Japanese-style room 6-26 tatami all 11 rooms
annex Kazan:Toilet with Japanese-style room 6-16 tatami all 8 rooms
With bath and toilet Japanese-style 8-12 tatami all three rooms
New annex Tsuruki:With between the bus, toilet, ahead of Japanese-style 10-12 tatami all 6 rooms

Each of intent,
Yanagisou:Reasonable masses inn can accommodate a wide range from families like to organizations like.
annex Kazan:Hideaway Oyado from the secluded location of the Yamagiwa.
New annex Tsuruki:It has the flavor of Sukiya-style, three most luxurious building of the Contact inn in tow.

There become so, please select the place that meet customer needs, respectively.